Ephrem Cruz

Ephrem Cruz

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About Ephrem Cruz

My name is Ephrem Ethelbert P. Cruz.  You can call me Ephrem Cruz...My name is long because my mother wanted to give me the name “Ephrem” while my father suggested “Ethelbert”. To avoid a lover’s quarrel and long argument, they agreed to give me the two names! My educational background is advertising but I landed a job in Human Resources because I love caring and serving people from all walks of life. I came to this God-given country, the United States of America in 1987 and was lucky to bring my family through the United Nations. I’m a retired United Nations staff member and international civil servant, having served in various capacities with the United Nations Population Fund and UN Women for almost 25 years.  

Since 1987, I have dreamt to be a realtor but it’s only now that I have reallized that dream!  I thank Century Homes Realty Group profoundly for this great opportunity!  I believe that it is never too late to dream and dream big at any moment in your life! I maybe new in this interesting real estate business but I am now equipped with the necessary business and people skills and always ready to serve your real estate needs.

My contact information is on this page.  Please call or send me a message for any real estate advice or business concern. 

Like what a great man once said, let’s “Live, Laugh and Love!”